Avebury is my church. It's where I go to touch the divine. It's weird I know.  But I've had a love affair with Avebury since I was a child, when it was just photos in a book.

The largest of the stone circles, Avebury is large enough for a village to have sprung up in its mist. A living village, where you can wander freely among the stones, day or night. It's not just the circle though. Prehistoric Silbury Hill, West Kennet Long Barrow, the Ridgeway, freckled with more barrows.

It's more mystery than any generation can solve. But we don't stop wondering.

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A curious dolmen or burial site near Avebury
Lucifer’s neolithic home, Devil’s Den stands vigil near the Avebury circle complex

Avebury was connected to the dead, so it's a great place to say goodbye
Confronting the ghosts of my soul and of the dead in Avebury henge, and Churchyard Cottage

Spend enough time in a pub and things are bound to get interesting ...
Confrontation at the Red Lion in Avebury, and touching the sacred at Silbury and Waden Hills

A look at how we perceive the dead today, and funeral practices at Avebury in the past.

On Death

Walking one of the oldest highways in the world and exploring resting places of the dead
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Avebury photos and fine art prints from The Wytchery