Megalithic mysteries and my appointment with destiny at Avebury circle and henge

A travelogue, the beginning of a broken hearted love story born inside the largest stone circle in Europe.

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Welcome to a Gothic Curiosity Cabinet …

A collection of gothic horror stories, travelogues to sites stained red and black with history and hauntings.
You’ll find healthy doses of witchcraft, paganism, dusty old literature, history stretching back to stone circles and ancient trackways.

And gardening …

Choose your poison …

A collection of spine tingling short stories from the golden age of horror. Featuring writers such as Poe, Lovecraft, Blackwood, James and more

Here’s where to go to feel the kind of atmosphere where it’s easy to believe anything can happen.
Explore the macabre side of travel.

Shall we?

Got a taste for gothic gardening? Interested in poison plants for spells and hexes, a moon garden to ponder at night? Or maybe you just like curious botanicals?


The roots of paganism, history of witchcraft. From stone circles  to pagan holidays we celebrate without a second thought, the gods of antiquity still loom large in our psyche.

Your broomstick awaits

When hour and place is right, the present fades away and you’re transported back to another time. The more you know history, the more you understand who we are.

Time Travel

Join Todd Atteberry in the search for mysteries and the magical. From ghost stories long forgotten, to the ones everyone knows, to places still stained with the macabre dyes of history.

Meet Todd

The haunted, the macabre, the historic and the downright peculiar … the curiously gothic world of Todd Atteberry

For those interested in growing things of a witchy nature, or are just fascinated by curious plants. Plants for healing, as well as their more diabolical cousins, as well as moon gardening for those who prefer their gardens at night.

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