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The haunted, the horror, the historic and the downright peculiar ... the curiously gothic world of Todd Atteberry

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Barrows on Overton Hill, Avebury Circle, Wiltshire, Great Britain

Barrows atop of Overton Hill near Avebury. Click here to view more images or to order fine art prints Heading east on High Street from the center of Avebury, you find yourself at the beginning of a dirt track leading uphill. This was once the road which led from Marlborough to Bath, and the ruts - Click to read more

Devil's Den Dolmen. Click here to view more images or order fine art prints from the Avebury World Heritage Site It is naturally the subject of many legends in the district, and few, we imagine, of the people about would care to find themselves too close to it at the solemn hours of midnight, though one - Click to read more

View of Baden Will and the River Kennet near Avebury

Along the river Kennet, with Waden Hill on the left. Click here for more images from around Waden and Silbury Hills, or to order prints Things got a little hazy after the walk along Overton Hill and amongst the barrows. I finished the walk with a couple of drinks at the Red Lion. And then - Click to read more

A Crow in the Abbey Churchyard in Bury St. Edmunds by Cate Davies. Ravens, crows, they overlap in many ways. Both have long been associated with the the realm of the supernatural. Both are symbols of death. It was thought that when you died, a raven carried your soul to the otherworld. These winged creatures of darkness - Click to read more

The Dance, Someplace in Britain by Cate Davies. Click to order a fine art print of this image I was very young, there was a full moon, riding with with my grandmother and grandfather to a small town in southwest Indiana for a harvest celebration. It’s small towns around there, German heritage, it was another - Click to read more

Tree I, Rural Carmi, Illinois, Click to order a print of this image I live in southern Illinois. The middle of nowhere. There's not much in the way of dramatic subject matter to shoot around here. Once spot looks pretty much like the rest. The difference is in the small details. And in the weather - Click to read more

Dear H., We are creatures of the night, are we not? It’s like the song says, “the days are okay and the sun can be fun but I live, to see those rays, slip away.” A moon garden is a spot where we can watch as these spirits come to life in our own little - Click to read more

Ancient Yew Tree Tunnel, Aberglasney Mansion, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Cate Davies, artist

Ancient Yew Tree Tunnel, Aberglasney Mansion, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Cate Davies, artist   It was late in December, the sky turned to snow All round the day was going down slow Night like a river beginning to flow I felt the beat of my mind go Drifting into time passages Years go falling in the fading light - Click to read more

Path along the River Lark in the snow with my little friend, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. By Cate Davies. Click to order a print With snow comes silence. The barely perceptible sound of snow falling at night, when all is silent and the world is asleep. I love snow, day and night. But it’s during - Click to read more

Algernon Blackwood (14 March 1869 – 10 December 1951) wrote more ghost stories than about anyone else, and more great ones as well. A novelist known just as much for his horrific short stories, this Londoner had the heart of a mystic. He wrote in a letter to a friend "My fundamental interest, I suppose - Click to read more