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The haunted, the macabre, the historic and the downright peculiar … the curiously gothic world of Todd Atteberry

Bubbling up from the base of Glastonbury Tor are two springs which arguably give Glastonbury much of its renown. The sacred, the myths and legends of what is often called England's most holy ground has its epicenter in the flowing waters found here. It's long been my belief that the truth of a place can’t be found - Click to read more

IT HAD ALREADY BEEN A LONG DAY. A long walk through the Glastonbury countryside had taken me to the ancient oaks known as Gog and Magog. I was in Glastonbury nursing a broken heart, and the walk brought about a release of the anger at least. But my time in the Chalice Well Gardens had brought the loss - Click to read more

I WALKED THE FEW STEPS back to my room at Berachah Guest House from the White Spring. Glastonbury had worn me down, though after god knows how many days holed up in the George and Pilgrim Hotel, it was nice being out of the center of the village. Glastonbury isn’t large by any account. The center feels like - Click to read more

M.R. James nearly always appears at the top of the lists for the best gothic horror story authors, and for good reasons. His Ghost Stories of an Antiquarian (1904) is perhaps one of the best collections of spine tingling short stories ever written.  + + + Everyone who has travelled over Eastern England knows the - Click to read more

Purple Roses by Cate Davies. Click here to order a print of this image from the Wytchery It’s about eight or nine years ago, middle of a hot summer and I’m in the gutter, literally. Well my feet are anyway. The rest of me is sitting on the curb, outside a tavern in Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve - Click to read more