A Witch's Garden Grimoire

Alchemy in the Witches' garden

A notebook of Witch's garden thoughts, ideas, experiments failed and successful. Since witches are often nocturnal creatures, we also go into moon gardens, and a fair amount of cottage gardening as well.

I cover everything from witches' garden folklore, to the presence of fairies in your garden, as well as day to day issues like layout, planting, sprouting - not altogether successful - as well as the plants themselves.

A collection of tales, potions and spells from a witches' garden

What good is a witches' garden grimoire without some instruction on how they might have been used in the past, or present? Though you should be warned, instructions may come from sources as varied as prestigious universities, to the witchfinder. A good rule of thumb is if you don't know what you're doing with plants, it's best not to mess with them.

Or to learn more about them. This is a good place to start, but learn more before taking any chances.

The witch's gardener. Gardening with a history.

Meet the Gardener

From healing potions to the dark arts, the articles below make for a great introduction to witch's garden plants ... pick an article below