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The haunted, the horror, the historic and the downright peculiar ... the curiously gothic world of Todd Atteberry

I WAS ABOUT FIVE YEARS OLD and climbing the stairs to my bedroom, when I glanced out the window and saw something there below, watching me. As my eyes met his, I was too young to know what it was I saw. All I knew was it didn't belong there.

Today I’ve seen far too many inexplicable things to even fathom a guess at what it could have been. Ghost? Demon? Phantom? The future, the past?

Since that night I’ve sought mysteries, curiosities, the magical and the enchanted. From ghost stories long forgotten, to the ones everyone knows, to places still stained with the macabre dyes of history, this is my journal of that journey.

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The photos that appear on this site, as well as a multitude more are for sale and can be purchased through wytcheryart.com, which also features the extraordinary art of UK photographer Cate Davies

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The latest from the Gothic Curiosity Cabinet

Red Moon rising over a figure, arms outstretched upon a cliff

Blood Moon by Cate Davies IT WAS THE BLOOD MOON a couple years back. UK photographer Cate Davies was dying to see it, but it wasn't visible there that year. I was supposed to send her a photo of it. It was cloudy, I was lazy. I took a picture of it from my phone through my - Click to read more


I know I covered this once before, but sometimes you need more details. A commenter asked if Halloween/Samhain isn’t October 31, as I had written, just when the hell is it? Good question. Let’s try and sort this out. Simply put, the difference between Halloween and Samhain is the way the date is chosen. Halloween is based - Click to read more

The Posey County Courthouse in Mt. Vernon, Indiana, approximate location of the last sighting of the weeping woman, also known as Black Annie

MT. VERNON, INDIANA IS A RIVER TOWN. Set on the Ohio river near the place where it is fed by the Big Wabash River, its past and present depends heavily on river traffic. It’s a warm autumn night, but the breeze from the river puts a chill in the air as I get out of the pickup - Click to read more

The Absinthe Drinker by Viktor Oliva

MARK TWAIN SAID IT BEST … "sometimes too much to drink is barely enough" It seemed like a good idea at the time. I was experimenting with the absinthes available in the United States, and thought “why not write a review of what’s out there. And why not write it will drinking it?” Seven or eight years later - Click to read more

The Witch House, Home of Jonathan Corwin, c. 1675. Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts

When I heard that WGN was making a series based on the Salem witch hysteria, I was skeptical. Then I saw the previews. I decided on the spot I’d rather eat my own swill than watch it. The events that happened at Salem were horrifying. The more one gets into that story, the more horrifying - Click to read more

c. 1898-1900, home of the John J. Cruikshank, Jr. family, Hannibal, MO

Haunted hotels, bed and breakfasts with ghosts … there are countless places to spend a spooky night across the country. Let’s face it, ghosts don’t appear on schedule and usually not at all. So if you’re spending the night someplace spooky, it should be somewhere full of stories, comfort and ideally, a well stocked bar - Click to read more


I had a fresh buzz on, realized it was time to eat and was just about to sit down with it when I remembered … the debate. It was just starting and I only intended on giving it a few minutes. I finished supper and was working on a beer, when I started getting into - Click to read more

Moon Garden Plants, June 1, 2016

This is my first year for growing Datura. Around here it's known as Jimson Weed, though I believe what they call that here is a different animal altogether. It's one of the staples of a witch's garden, used for poisoning as well as inducing delirious states in whoever takes it. Intentionally or simply because they - Click to read more

Wild Bergamot in the Witch's Garden, July 1, 2016

Wild Bergamot in the Witch's Garden, July 1, 2016 It's July 1 and the beginning of the heat. The first good crop of weeds are threatening to overtake the witch's garden. But in betwixt the weeds there are treasures to be found. The wild Bergamot is from a couple of years ago in an overgrown - Click to read more

Brugmania blooms in the moon garden, June 20, 2017

I admit I had doubts it would do it. The USDA lists our plant hardiness zone as 6b, which isn't exactly this plant's natural habitat. But it did it. There was a single bloom which last four or five days, and as it was dying off the whole trees burst into bloom. The first bloom would - Click to read more