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Gardening for Witches

You can’t be a proper witch without knowing the plants. A witch’s garden is the perfect choice for those who want to prepare their own potions, or just want to grow something a bit more interesting than daffodils. Since witchy types are fond of the night, tips and techniques for growing moon garden plants are included as well.

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The Haunted Traveler

Most people’s idea of a holiday is a sunny beach someplace. The Haunted Traveler takes you off the beaten trail, to hotels and B&Bs where things go bump in the night. To restaurants where unseen hands might throw the occasion glass, or the person walking through the pub might not be of this world. Or historic sites who have former tenants who just won’t leave. For those who love the chills, and are less concerned with science and more in search of atmosphere, this is your guide to creepy travel.

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Gothic Horror Stories

Next to traveling to creepy sites around the world, there’s nothing quite so satisfying as reading a story which sends chills up your spine. These tales are specially curated from the golden age of gothic horror. Best served with a strong drink in front of a roaring fire, while the thunderstorm brews in the distance

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Historic Travel Destinations

The golden age of gothic horror is a couple of centuries in the past. It’s hard to understand how we got here without knowing the past. The historical background behind the places and issues that haunt us still. For those who get a thrill out of historic markers or can’t imagine taking a long trip without stopping in at one historic site at least.

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Moon Garden Plants, June 1, 2016

This is my first year for growing Datura. Around here it's known as Jimson Weed, though I believe what they call that here is a different animal altogether. It's one of the staples of a witch's garden, used for poisoning as well as inducing delirious states in whoever takes it. Intentionally or simply because they - Click to read more

Wild Bergamot in the Witch's Garden, July 1, 2016

Wild Bergamot in the Witch's Garden, July 1, 2016 It's July 1 and the beginning of the heat. The first good crop of weeds are threatening to overtake the witch's garden. But in betwixt the weeds there are treasures to be found. The wild Bergamot is from a couple of years ago in an overgrown - Click to read more

Brugmania blooms in the moon garden, June 20, 2017

I admit I had doubts it would do it. The USDA lists our plant hardiness zone as 6b, which isn't exactly this plant's natural habitat. But it did it. There was a single bloom which last four or five days, and as it was dying off the whole trees burst into bloom. The first bloom would - Click to read more

Yorktown Ghost Stories: Colonial era ghosts still haunt the streets of this landmark village of the American Revolution thumbnail

 Nelson House, c. 1730, Colonial National Historic Park, Yorktown Battlefield, Yorktown, Virginia. Click to see more Yorktown pictures from History and Haunts The Nelson House is an imposing edifice by anyone's standards. Three stories tall and on a hill overlooking the James River, the house was believed to be for a time, the headquarters of - Click to read more

Ghost stories are a traditional part of New England evenings, and have been since before the founding of our country. So what can be better than spending an evening in a haunted Massachusetts hotel, inn or bed and breakfast? Let's be honest … you're not likely to be disturbed by either the dead or undead in a - Click to read more

The Crowninshield Bentley House c.1727-30. Click here to view larger and more images from Salem, Massachusetts. Part of the Peabody Essex Museum and available for tours, June through October126 Essex Street at Washington Square “I lied when I said she had gone away. I killed her. I had to. It was sudden, but we were alone and I was - Click to read more

Daylilly and Lavender, June 14, 2016

Daylillies and Lavender, June 14, 2016 Lavender is of course a staple of cottage gardening, and makes for a lovely scent, particularly next to paths where the occasional brushing up against it will release its scent. Behind that the Daylillies began blooming, a lightly night scented flower which puts off more blooms and is longer - Click to read more

The right to bear arms, the right to regulate guns, both guaranteed by the second amendment – a guarantee of conflict thumbnail

2nd amendment gives you the right to overthrow the government with guns, and gives the government the right to regulate guns. The ratification of the second amendment was uncontroversial, because taken as it was written, it was to provide for a militia for the common defense.

Photo by Cate Davies

Take this kiss upon the brow! And, in parting from you now, Thus much let me avow — You are not wrong, who deem That my days have been a dream; Yet if hope has flown away In a night, or in a day, In a vision, or in none, Is it therefore the less - Click to read more

Brugmansia in the moon garden

Dear H., We are creatures of the night, are we not? It’s like the song says, “the days are okay and the sun can be fun but I live, to see those rays, slip away.” A moon garden is a spot where we can watch as these spirits come to life in our own little - Click to read more