Wyrd and Wanton Wear: Exclusive, daringly literate t-shirts and cozy hoodies to express your dark side … eco-friendly, great quality and fit with free shipping

Quotable quotes from your favorite horror authors, the romantic poets and a selection of degenerates from the past, emblazoned on quality made t-shirts and hoodies. Set yourself apart from the crowd, send a message without having to open your mouth, and look literate in the process. With quotes from a variety of authors, from Poe to the Marquis de Sade. Proclaim your favorite vices, your witchy status, your sexual tastes or just that you’d really prefer to be left alone.  Eco-friendly T-shirts, 100% cotton, plus some kind of hoodie, I'm not sure of the technical specs but take my word for it ... it's quality stuff. Clothes sure to turn heads, possibly all the way around on their shoulders.