Plants for A Witch's Garden & Moon Garden

An incomplete herbal of witch's garden plants, their science and folklore, how to grow, how to serve to cure or or curse

Witch's garden plants differ from a normal garden, in that the story is as fascinating as the plant itself. The wisdom, and madness of these plants have been known and passed down through the ages. At one time, possession of witch's garden plants like these could have found you tied to the stake. Today the only stake we deal with on a regular basis are the stakes which keep the plants growing straight.

The history of witch's garden plants

People think of witch's as being a middle ages phenomenon, but witches and people known for herbalism and healing go back to the Romans, the Greeks and much earlier.

We can trace the history of science in medicine by how these plants have been used over time, and how in some cases, their secrets are only now being unlocked

From healing potions to the dark arts, the articles below make for a great introduction to witch's garden plants

The witch's gardener. Gardening with a history.

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