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Every gardener worth their salt should keep a journal. When your garden is a witch’s garden, it’s even more important. It’s a good idea after all, to keep the herbs for cooking separate from the poisons. This is my attempt at a garden journal. Since my plants deal with spells and potions, as well as things that smell wonderful in the night, it’s become a grimoire of sorts.

A Witch’s Garden Grimoire

Dear H., We are creatures of the night, are we not? It’s like the song says, “the days are okay and the sun can be fun but I live, to see those rays, slip away.” A moon garden is a spot where we can watch as these spirits come to life in our own little - Click to read more

Photo of witch garden plants in the spring.

Dear H., I was sitting in the garden part of the garden this evening, and I remembered I had a couple of these little bottles of absinthe. It was getting late and I was feeling tired. The absinthe reminded me of you, and how at a moment like that we’d come alive. Those were some - Click to read more

Year two: Tips for starting a witch’s garden from scratch thumbnail

This is my second year of growing a witch's garden, and I look back at the first year as an experiment. Perhaps my biggest problem with last year's garden was that each plant lived in isolation. There's nothing more dull than a beautiful plant with a background of mulch. A secondary consideration which led to - Click to read more

Witchy plants coming back in the spring from a hard winter thumbnail

This was a surprise ... Last spring I managed to get hold of three Belladonna plants. Two went directly into the ground, the third into a container. The two in the ground certainly outperformed the container one, but I didn't have a lot of hope that those two would make it through the cold season - Click to read more

Witchy Garden Experiments: Sewing seeds on the Winter Solstice to avoid cold stratification thumbnail

One evening I had a friend over for drinks. The friend in question had run afoul of my good graces some time ago, and though I was certain he knew of my displeasure, he acknowledged it not. Now this man, let's call him Orlando for the purposes of this story, is quite knowledgable about witchy - Click to read more