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I’m a photographer, so it’s natural you’d assume that I’d be spending a lot of time out in the garden taking plant photos. Except I hate plant photos as a rule, and I’m not that good at it. But from time to time I shoulder my camera and soldier out in each of different angles to look at the garden. It’s become a record of what is blooming when, which is quite valuable. I go back and look through mine to get an idea of when things might come into bloom, fairly often actually. I highly recommend it.

These are the plants in my own witch’s garden. I’m building a fairly robust moon garden as well, because let’s face it, we witchy types prefer the night. Poison garden and cottage garden plants also appear, as the former are interesting and the latter are damned pretty, and often edible.

What’s blooming in the Witch’s Garden?

This is my first year for growing Datura. Around here it's known as Jimson Weed, though I believe what they call that here is a different animal altogether. It's one of the staples of a witch's garden, used for poisoning as well as inducing delirious states in whoever takes it. Intentionally or simply because they - Click to read more

Wild Bergamot in the Witch's Garden, July 1, 2016 It's July 1 and the beginning of the heat. The first good crop of weeds are threatening to overtake the witch's garden. But in betwixt the weeds there are treasures to be found. The wild Bergamot is from a couple of years ago in an overgrown - Click to read more

I admit I had doubts it would do it. The USDA lists our plant hardiness zone as 6b, which isn't exactly this plant's natural habitat. But it did it. There was a single bloom which last four or five days, and as it was dying off the whole trees burst into bloom. The first bloom would - Click to read more

Daylillies and Lavender, June 14, 2016 Lavender is of course a staple of cottage gardening, and makes for a lovely scent, particularly next to paths where the occasional brushing up against it will release its scent. Behind that the Daylillies began blooming, a lightly night scented flower which puts off more blooms and is longer - Click to read more

It's day three of the unfolding of the first Brugmansia bloom. I first noticed the bud 11 days ago, and the flower popped out three days ago. Since then it's been achingly slow unfolding. It teaches one patience. The Day Lillies have been blooming about a week now. I've read that they are night scented - Click to read more

Lamb's Ear is a seductive plant. It's good for a moon garden as the furry leaves look almost silver in the daylight, and radiant at night. I had a few plants given to me a couple years back. It had taken over too much of her garden and she was tossing them out. I've kept - Click to read more

I was skeptical about trying a Brugmansia. They aren't known for surviving in southern Illinois, and growing from seedlings or cuttings can take two or three years to pay off. But when I saw this monstrosity I decided to give it a go. I brought it into the witch's garden and the weather turned foul - Click to read more

May 21, 2016. My mom planted this bush, who knows when. Dad has a thing about weeds, and a spray can full of noxious chemicals. It's likely when the peonies started coming back in the spring he took them for weeds. For whatever reason, when I took over that part of the garden I took - Click to read more

May 19, 2016. It's said that Daylillies are night scented, but so far I've seen no evidence of that. They're tucked in below a butterfly bush and bordered by Lambs Ear and Poison Ivy. I'm in the process of yanking out all of the later. I'll keep one because I do grow poisons after all - Click to read more

May 19, 2016 A lot of people take Valerian, usually as a tea made from the roots. This is the first year I've tried growing it on my own, and no sooner than I got it in the ground it began to bloom. It's a lovely herb, and since it's a perennial, I picked up - Click to read more