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The old gods are still among us

IN THE STONE CIRCLES OF BRITAIN, to the holidays we celebrate without a second thought, the gods of antiquity still loom large in our psyche. For those whose path takes them from the straight and narrow, the world is a magical place.

From the olden days and up through all the years
From Arcadia to the stone fields of Inisheer
Some say the Gods are just a myth
But guess who I’ve been dancing with
The great god Pan is alive

Pagans, Heathens and Witchcraft

The Mocha Berry, Glastonbury

I'M SITTING OUTSIDE AT THE MOCHA BERRY CAFE, talking to Vickie Steward, author of one of the most eclectic blogs out there, about one of the most eclectic towns in Britain, Glastonbury. Normal For Glastonbury is the blog, and Vickie has the enviable job of documenting the goings on in this peculiar little place. A - Click to read more

“Avalon will always be there for all men to find if they can seek the way thither, throughout all the ages past the ages. If they cannot find the way to Avalon, it is a sign, perhaps, that they are not ready." ― Marion Zimmer Bradley, The Mists of Avalon + + + I came - Click to read more

  I took off from the George and Pilgrim Hotel about ten in the morning. I was really kind of excited to be getting out of there. It’s moody and dark, which I love. But I needed the light. I had light for the first block I walked up High Street. It’s not that steep of - Click to read more

Bubbling up from the base of Glastonbury Tor are two springs which arguably give Glastonbury much of its renown. The sacred, the myths and legends of what is often called England's most holy ground has its epicenter in the flowing waters found here. It's long been my belief that the truth of a place can’t be found - Click to read more

IT HAD ALREADY BEEN A LONG DAY. A long walk through the Glastonbury countryside had taken me to the ancient oaks known as Gog and Magog. I was in Glastonbury nursing a broken heart, and the walk brought about a release of the anger at least. But my time in the Chalice Well Gardens had brought the loss - Click to read more