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New Harmony, Indiana was the site of two utopian experiments. The beauty of the town is intact, thanks to a sweet old lady with oil money to spend. But the experiments were distinct failures. From the History Trekker: If colonizing Mars can save humanity, why can’t you apply those same principles at home and save - Click to read more

The Mocha Berry, Glastonbury

I'M SITTING OUTSIDE AT THE MOCHA BERRY CAFE, talking to Vickie Steward, author of one of the most eclectic blogs out there, about one of the most eclectic towns in Britain, Glastonbury. Normal For Glastonbury is the blog, and Vickie has the enviable job of documenting the goings on in this peculiar little place. A - Click to read more

Purple Roses by Cate Davies. Click here to order a print of this image from the Wytchery It’s about eight or nine years ago, middle of a hot summer and I’m in the gutter, literally. Well my feet are anyway. The rest of me is sitting on the curb, outside a tavern in Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve - Click to read more

Southern Entrance Stones to the Great Circle at Avebury It’s January, and I should be in Britain. I holed up in Avebury village the past two Januarys, a stone’s throw from the largest stone circle in England. It became my church, where I go to rekindle my soul. But the road sometimes takes weird twists - Click to read more

The Dance, Someplace in Britain by Cate Davies. Click to order a fine art print of this image I was very young, there was a full moon, riding with with my grandmother and grandfather to a small town in southwest Indiana for a harvest celebration. It’s small towns around there, German heritage, it was another - Click to read more