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Purple Roses by Cate Davies. Click here to order a print of this image from the Wytchery It’s about eight or nine years ago, middle of a hot summer and I’m in the gutter, literally. Well my feet are anyway. The rest of me is sitting on the curb, outside a tavern in Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve - Click to read more

Southern Entrance Stones to the Great Circle at Avebury It’s January, and I should be in Britain. I holed up in Avebury village the past two Januarys, a stone’s throw from the largest stone circle in England. It became my church, where I go to rekindle my soul. But the road sometimes takes weird twists - Click to read more

The Dance, Someplace in Britain by Cate Davies. Click to order a fine art print of this image I was very young, there was a full moon, riding with with my grandmother and grandfather to a small town in southwest Indiana for a harvest celebration. It’s small towns around there, German heritage, it was another - Click to read more

Tree I, Rural Carmi, Illinois, Click to order a print of this image I live in southern Illinois. The middle of nowhere. There's not much in the way of dramatic subject matter to shoot around here. Once spot looks pretty much like the rest. The difference is in the small details. And in the weather - Click to read more

Ancient Yew Tree Tunnel, Aberglasney Mansion, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Cate Davies, artist

Ancient Yew Tree Tunnel, Aberglasney Mansion, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Cate Davies, artist   It was late in December, the sky turned to snow All round the day was going down slow Night like a river beginning to flow I felt the beat of my mind go Drifting into time passages Years go falling in the fading light - Click to read more

Path along the River Lark in the snow with my little friend, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. By Cate Davies. Click to order a print With snow comes silence. The barely perceptible sound of snow falling at night, when all is silent and the world is asleep. I love snow, day and night. But it’s during - Click to read more

Hands, by Cate Davies “THIS IS THE STRANGEST LIFE I’VE EVER KNOWN” … Jim Morrison once sang that, in a song titled Waiting For The Sun. That’s what this season is all about, the dying off of the old year,  waiting for the sun,  the solstice, the birth of a new year, with new beginnings. Before Jesus - Click to read more

 Montauk Point Lighthouse, c. 1796, Montauk, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York It’s a curious phenomenon that people who live far from the ocean are obsessed with lighthouses. Here in southern Illinois, my mother collected lighthouses. At an art fair a while back where I sold my wares, the only prints I sold were two - Click to read more

St. Mary’s Church Burial Ground, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, Great Britain. Cate Davies, artist THE NECROPOLIS … CITIES OF THE DEAD. Today we tend to avoid them, whistling past the graveyard at night to keep death away. In America, during the early years we kept our dead on the outskirts of town, or even in the - Click to read more

Red Moon rising over a figure, arms outstretched upon a cliff

Blood Moon by Cate Davies IT WAS THE BLOOD MOON a couple years back. UK photographer Cate Davies was dying to see it, but it wasn't visible there that year. I was supposed to send her a photo of it. It was cloudy, I was lazy. I took a picture of it from my phone through my - Click to read more